Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Omg you guys! Yayeeeee! My room tour is finally up! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this, when I first decided I was doing a room tour, my bedroom wasn't quite ready... There was a couple of things that I had really wanted for my room, and I thought that it would make this post sooo much better if I waited until I got them. And at the moment, I am LOVING MY ROOM!! I HAVE TO GIVE A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MY DAD! he spent a lot of time with me planning my room and wandering aimlessly through shops, lol, I had a lot of fun choosing what furniture and accessories I wanted, and nowi feel a lot more motivated to sit at my desk and do homework, study, or draw and do craft etc... (Also to keep my bedroom clean) :-) my favourite thing t do currently is have my heater on, and sit on my new floor cushions, and watch a movie while playing on my tablet, but anyways, let the official tour begin!

This area here on the floor is the spot that I like to call "my chill zone" its right in front of my TV too, so I can watch my movies there, its also where I read, play on my tablet, blog, draw etc... And my rope knitted ottoman is one of my most favourite things in my room! Its so comfy, and its also a good place to put remotes, books, and devices on.

And here's my TV stand, its where I have all my messy plugs and DVDs. But I was looking on pinterest recently and saw a cool WASHI tape idea where you make tags and attach them to plugs with labels, so now my messy plugs are less messy :-)

Here's my desk, It is most definitely my favourite part of the room! I love how my yellow stool ties in with the black map on my wall! It's such a great colour combination!

On my door I have a mirror which is my height, and I like to hang my bags and things on it, but currently I just have my two favorites hanging at the moment.

I couldn't stop myself from taking a pic of my door stopper! I love it so much! (I've got a thing for pineapples) haha

Also, I love the view from my window! Not many of you would know this, but I live in a small apartment above lots of shops, so where quite high off the ground but technically we don't have a two storey house, but I love the view from my window early morning when I'm getting ready for school, I've seen a lot of really beautiful sunrises! And I also love it at night when theres lots of pretty lights!

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed my tour! Leave a comment about what you thought of my room too! I'd love to have your opinion!

Lulu =^  ^=

Friday, 22 May 2015


Hey everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I've been planning a Q&A for a few weeks... And its finally up!!! Yayeee! I've got sooooo many questions to answer so let's get started!


1. What is the one item you would take on a deserted island?
Answer: wow! That's really hard! There's a lot of things I would bring with me but its really hard to pick just one... I would probably bring my phone so I can call someone to take me home!! Lol

2. What inspired you to start a blog?
Answer: I've always been a really crafty sort of person, and some of my friends had blogs and where saying how good it was, I even joined my friend April, in making one of her posts and really enjoyed it, so I thought making my own was the way to go!

3. Do you believe in an after life?
Answer: well, I guess I do in some kind of way, I mean I don't think there's a heaven where you can get whatever you want like in movies, (as much as I wish it was true) but I do believe that there is some kind of after life,

4. What is your favourite book and movie?
Answer: my favourite book at the moment is definitely the maze runner, I also really like Frankie magazine, and beci orpin books, and I have wayyyyy more than one favourite movie so just to name a couple, is mean girls, the maze runner, 21 jump street, 22 jump street and my favourite TV series is definitely the walking dead!


5. When is you favourite time of day? 
Answer: I really like early morning when its still dark

6. What makes you love blogging so much?
Answer: meeting awesome people, giving me an excuse to go on my tablet :-), taking pictures, and expressing myself


7. If you could travel anywhere, were would you go?
Answer: I would love to go to Paris! Or hong Kong where my auntie lives so I could visit her!

8. Favourite food?
Answer: it really depends.... I love pizza, pockys, and just about anything sweet!

9. Favourite season?
Answer: I really like winter because you can get cozy on the couch and watch movies with hot food

10: who are your favourite bloggers?
Answer: everything April blog, utterly Annabel blog, hello Greta, utterly Ella, miss zali blog, a little birdy blog, and a beautiful mess!

11. Number 1 shop?
Answer: without a doubt its typo!!

12. Do you prefer the beach or snow?
Answer: I've never been to the snow before so I can't answer this properly, but I'm sure the snow is very fun, but since I can't really judge, I would say the beach.


13. Favourite quote and why?
Answer: "always be yourself unless you can be spider man then always be spider man" I don't know why I like it, I just do! Lol

14. Favourite new blogs you have discovered?
Answer: I haven't really discovered any new blogs lately but if you read question 10 from @harperlunaa you can see my answers

15. Favourite lush bathbomb?
Answer: ohhhhh.... That's kinda hard, I love so many of them!


16. What do you want to do as a career?
Answer: I really want to be an interior designer

17. Favourite colour?
Answer: I really like pastels, and neons, but I really like bright blue aqua!


18. what do you like doing in your spare time?
Answer: definitely blogging, drawing, reading, Instagram pinterest and other social media, watching movies, and playing with my three kittys!

19. Do you like hello pandas?
Answer: I don't like them, I LOVE THEM!!!

20. do you like kawaii things?
Answer: yes, yes, and yes!

21: favourite veggie?
Answer: without potatoes the world wouldn't have chips.


22. Do you have any siblings? If so what are there names?
Answer: yes I do! I have a little sister called bo,  a little brother called jango, and a big brother called sioryn, (pronounced see-or-rin) but all of my siblings are my half siblings,


23. What do you prefer, blue or green, sushi or hello panda?
Answer: wow ivy! This is a hard question! I really like blue, and I absolutely love hello pandas and sushi but I would have to say sushi :-) 

24. favourite colour combos?
Answer: I love peachy pink and light aqua together, I also like pink, grey and white,

25. Favourite novel?
Answer: the maze runner and the hunger games series

26. What is your favourite source of inspiration?
Answer: I have to admit that pinterest helps me a lot! So does the power house and all the artists that work there! All those guys are awesome!

27. Do you like the rain?
Answer: only when I'm not in it! Lol :-)

28. Any wonderful obsessions?
Answer: cats cats cats and cats, street art!, my three kitty's!, blogging, and shopping!

Thanks everyone soooooooooooo much for the questions! I'm actually really surprised with all the people that participated! It was very fun doing this, and if you didn't get a chance to join in with my Q&A, just leave a comment below with some questions you would like to know!

Lulu =^  ^=

Sunday, 17 May 2015


Today's post is very very exciting! An utterly awesome interview with utterly Ella! You can follow Ella on Instagram @utterlyella

anyways... Let's get started!

1. How did you come up with your blogs name?

Ella: when I was coming up with my blog name, I was trying to come up with a unique name that no other blogs had and one that incorporated my name. "Utterly" is one of my favourite words and I really liked how it sounded together with my name "Ella", so I managed to come up with the name " utterly Ella" -I love it!

2. What's your most favourite thing to blog about?

Ella: I kind of just blog about whatever I feel like, but I really enjoy blogging about lifestyle, fashion and craft. I have quite a few exciting blog posts planned for the future!

3. Watermelon or pineapple?

Ella: watermelon!

4. What's your favourite music album currently?

Ella: I am currently obsessed with listening to music, and I have been listening to ALOT of Sam smith at the moment... Aaaaah he is just so amazing!!

5. If you had to travel to another country, where would you go?

Ella: I would absolutely love to go to Japan! When I'm older I would love to live there for a year or so.

6. What are your top five favourite colours?

Ella: yellow, pink, minty aqua blue, pale peachy pink, and all bright neon pastel colours... I LOVE COLOUR!

7. name eight things that inspire you and you love

Ella: some amazing people, places and things that inspire me are beci orpin, cat rabbit, hello sandwich, the ocean, Frankie magazine, pinterest, listening to music and other blogs

8. What are your favourite blogs/websites?

Ella: some of my favourite blogs are miss zali blog, India kitty, what's up rat, hello Stella, a little birdy blog... And so many more!

9. What is your favourite thing to do at the moment?

Ella: like I mentioned earlier, I am pretty much obsessed with listening to music at the moment! I also love sending fun and colorful mail to my pen pals and making cute foods out of paper (just a bit weird haha!)

10. Do you have anything you would like to say to beginner/future bloggers?

Ella: BE YOURSELF AND ORIGINAL!!! no one wants to read a blog that is the same as all the others - blog about what you want to blog about! Oh, and try to think of a new and unique blog name!

Thank you so much again lulu for this interview, your blog is awesome!

Thanks Ella so much for doing this interview! It was very exciting to organize! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment below what you thought of this interview, I'm thinking of starting a small series! Yayeee!

Lots of luv, lulu =^  ^= 

P.S. if you would like to check out Ella's amazing blog just go on this link!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Hey everybody! Today, I went out with my school friend Emily, we went to readings cinema in waurn ponds, and saw unfriended! It was sooooo good! (But a little creepy) I give it an 8/10.

Anyways, after we saw our movie we decided to go shopping, and I got some really awesome stuff! I was sooooo excited when I got home that as soon as I came in my room, I starting doing this post straight away! Here are the things I got....

>> I bought this ridiculously adorable charity bag from typo and it was only $2!<<

>> Emily got this fluffy beanie for me from super, and its really nice! Thanks em! <<

>> typo was having a big sale on a lot of notebooks and purses, etc, and I got these really awesome notebooks, I got the 2015 one for only $2! And the big notes one for $5, but the big notes one has to be my favourite because if you flip through the pages, there's lots of different types of paper inside! Graph paper, lined paper, sprinkles patterned paper, geometrical paper, and spotty paper <<

>> and last of all... I got a pink Floyd shirt for $15! I was so happy and I'm wearing right now as I type <<

Hope you guys liked this post and don't forget to check out my Instagram post about my Q & A! If your not already following me my username is @luluandcat_blog

Luv lulu ∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆

Friday, 1 May 2015


Socks are awesome!! (Preferably when they have little pictures of bananas or something like that) this is a post that I've been wanting to do for a while, to bad its so small :-( but anyway, I had lots of fun taking pictures with my little sister (photo credit to her) I will definitely be doing something similar again!!

It kinda sucks that this post is so small! But I was a bit bored and couldn't think of anything else to do, if you have any cat-tastic ideas you'd like to share with me plz plz plz let me know! Hope you liked this post, tell me what you think?

=^ lulu ^=

Saturday, 25 April 2015


I think its obvious that I have a little bit of an obsession with cats... Well, maybe more than a little bit, :-) and it kills me to not be able to afford every single cat related accessorie there is, the closest I can get to owning all these things, is buy downloading all the pictures, and I've been doing this for a while, I think I have too many pictures, but you can't really have too many, hehe! I I have to be honest that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do for this weeks post! Its been pouring rain outside so that kinda crossed of the "going out in the sun and taking pretty pictures" off the list, and its cold. So I've been in my room all day, so, I put together a big post of all, (well, not all) my favourite cat accessories, clothing, stationary, etc...


My top three things would have to be the red backpack, the poster and the bubble gum shirt!! But I love them all! Some day soon I'll buy the poster for my room! (Its from typo!) What's your crazy obsession? What was your favourite accessorie from this post!? I'd love to know! Just leave a comment,

=^ lulu ^=

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Omg you guys!!!! I had the best time today!!!!! My great friend April (everything April blog) hosted a bloggers meet up at her house!! It was soooooooo much fun! And I got to meet some awesome girls! Greta, and Annabel! (Hello Greta blog) and (utterly Annabel blog) also my friend Marnie was there too, she hasn't got a blog but she's making one soon and thought it would be good to tag along and get some cool tips, anyway, more than half the time, (4 hours) was spent taking lots and lots and lots of pictures!!! We even went for a walk to find some good spaces for photos, here is a (very big) post on all the pictures we took and the things we did!

First, once everyone had arrived, (me, Greta, April, Annabel and Marnie) we all sat in a circle at this awesome Japanese style picnic that April had in her room! (A.k.a comfy cushions, vintage flower quilt, lots of pockys! Hello pandas, chewy lollies, and tea)
After a while we past around this card that had questions that we could read out to everyone so we could all get to know each other, then, we ate a lot of food! We even had sushi! After that we went around taking a lot of photos!

Out of all the pictures we took this last one here has to be my absolute favorite! Not only are we all in it, but where all showing different unique emotions! And also the nice plain background :-)
Oh, also most of these pictures are by me but it would be unfair to not give April some photo credit! Anyway, thanks so much for inviting me April! I had an awesome time!

Hope you guys enjoyed my extra big post!

lulu xx